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Digital and Social Media Consultancy

Hello my friend, welcome to my world. This slightly geeky world is the place where I help my clients get the results they crave from digital and social media. There could be a number of reasons why you’re here:

  • You’re launching an amazing new business and you need help to build a robust social or digital strategy.
  • You know you need to introduce social media to your marketing but you have no idea how to do it.
  • You’ve been using social media for some time and you still aren’t getting any damn results.
  • You have a website, you have social media, you have email marketing but nothing’s tied together and results are sporadic.
  • You just KNOW things could be better but you don’t know how.

Whatever your digital or social media problem, I can solve it.

Who am I? I’m Gemma, Digital Marketing Consultant and all round good egg. I’ve been in this marketing game for 15 years, almost ten of those focussed on digital and social media. Because I love it. Right from the Dot Com days, while Facebook was merely a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye, I was mesmerised by the Internet, so making it my job was a natural step.

My background is in psychology, which means that my theories are grounded in psychological principles and laws. I get to the bottom of your audience’s needs, wants and desires and give them this through your digital marketing. I do it in the most simple way I can, with no fluff, no jargon, just results.

A few facts about me:

  • Over 60% of my clients return, with many relationships lasting over 6 years. See a list of them here and what some of them have had to say here.
  • 2 clients have offered me a permanent role as Director of Social Media.
  • I’m a regular speaker, writer and panelist on social media. Recent gigs have included:
  • I’m an accredited expert with the Design Business Association. To qualify for this, experts need 4 testimonials from clients and assurance they get results.
  • I’ve worked on 15 crowdfunding campaigns. All of them have been funded.
  • My methods are results driven. At the start of any strategy or campaign, SMART objectives are set and I don’t stop until these are achieved.
  • Search for ‘social media consultant’ on Google. I’m on page 1 (and yes, I did this myself).
  • I received an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my first business 8 years ago. This was an agency that specialised in social media.

My range of consultancy services can be found here and my social media training courses can be found here. I also have a network of partners that I can bring together to deliver bigger projects, under my watchful eye of course. This flexibility means I can scale up easily, using the right people to deliver the right results.

If you’re a small business reading this you may be thinking you can’t afford me. This used to be the case, but after much demand I’ve created affordable packages and online training programs that allow you to benefit from my knowledge and experience without having to pay my full fee. Go here for more. 

For those of you in the design industry, I’m also an accredited expert with the Design Business Association.

Digital and social media expert with the Design Business Association


“I was looking to engage a consultant with a commercial edge to their work, who would tell us straight where and how we could improve our approach and use of social media. Working with Gemma has been a pleasure, she brought her expansive knowledge and insight of social and digital marketing to our discussions and has helped us reshape our strategic approach to social. I would strongly recommend Gemma to any organisation that is looking to inject a new, more dynamic and realistic approach to their social media. We will definitely be retaining her services as we move forward.”University of Hertfordshire

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