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With a background in psychology, a keen interest in human behaviour and a love of all things digital; I’ve helped numerous businesses successfully adopt digital marketing and social media.

During my 15 years as a marketing, digital and social media strategist, I’ve worked across B2C, B2B, global brands, agencies and SME’s in a range of sectors, including entertainment, events, fmcg, alcohol, beauty, fashion, design and architecture. And I’ve loved it all.

Although my focus in recent years has been on digital and social media, I’ve not forgotten my traditional marketing roots. To get the results my clients need, I use an integrated approach and, by applying a multi-platform framework, I can tell a cohesive story across a number of online and offline channels.

If you’re a small business reading this you may be thinking you can’t afford me. This used to be the case, but after much demand I’ve created affordable packages and online training programs that allow you to benefit from my knowledge and experience without having to pay my full fee. Go here for more

My range of consultancy services can be found here and my social media training courses can be found here. I also have a network of partners that I can bring together to deliver bigger projects, under my watchful eye of course. This flexibility means I can scale up easily, using the right people to deliver the right results.

For those of you in the design industry, I’m also an accredited expert with the Design Business Association.

Digital and social media expert with the Design Business Association

If you fancy a bit of light reading, my conference presentations can be found here and my ebook on developing a social media strategy is here.  

I also send out a free, easy-to-digest update every month on digital and social media tips, go here to find out more and subscribe.