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Hello my friend, welcome to my world. This slightly geeky world is where I bring people’s dreams to life online. There could be a number of reasons you’re here:

  • You already have an online business, or a business with an online presence, but you’re struggling to get the results you need and you might just need an online business coach to push you in the right direction.
  • You’re launching an amazing new business and you need help to build your strategy and launch it online, to the right people, in all the right places.
  • You know you need to introduce social media to your marketing but you have no idea how to do it and need an experienced social media consultant to show you the way.
  • You’ve been using social media and digital for some time and you still aren’t getting any damn results.
  • You have a website, you have social media, you have email marketing but nothing’s tied together and results are sporadic.
  • You know you need sales funnels but they scare the bejesus out of you and you need someone to show you how to create those sales online in a much more human, non-salesy way (I call them nurture paths by the way, putting people through a ‘funnel’ is way too impersonal for my liking).
  • You just KNOW things could be better but you don’t know how.

Whatever your online problem, I can solve it.

Who am I? I’m Gemma and I’m called many things: Business Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Business Consultant and probably a few more (but let’s not go there).

To be honest, I wear a lot of hats and THAT’S what makes me unique. I’m not just a business strategist. I’m not just a social media consultant. I’m not just a digital marketing consultant. I’m not even just an online business consultant. I’m the sum of my parts and I AM all of those things (and more). I bring to you an impressive integrated knowledge built up over 16 years, ten of those focussed online. You see I love this online world. Right from the Dot Com days, while Facebook was merely a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye, I was mesmerised by the Internet, so making a career out of it was a natural step.

I’m also a BA Hons Psychology graduate, which means that my theories are grounded in psychological principles. I get inside your audience’s heads and hearts, I uncover what they need and help you to deliver just that. And I do it in the most simple way I can, with no fluff, no jargon, just results.

But I’m not a ‘Jack of all Trades’, master of none. I’m a master of this online world and a true, award winning, testimonial fuelled expert in each of those areas up there. Check out my accolades below for some back-up.

A few facts about me:

I work with brands, corporates, agencies, small businesses and entrepreneurs and have carefully crafted a range of services that work for every budget. Go here to find out how you can work with me.

If you’re after my FREE resources, go here.

“I have worked with Gemma over the past year to develop the social media and digital marketing strategy for Rush. Working with Gemma has been an absolute pleasure. She has always given 100% and been incredibly astute with what my business needs, and how to achieve this in the most efficient, cost effective manner. She is patient and genuinely cares about providing the best possible service and meeting the business need. She is creative, innovative and forward thinking and has helped me to create a website I am very proud of, a strong social media presence even before launching the business and has alway paid the utmost attention to every detail to ensure that the brand image is strong and that customer service is of the highest standard. I couldn’t have created Rush without Gemma’s help, and we have become great friends.” Rush Trampoline Park

“Being part of Gemma’s mastermind is an amazing experience – a focused boost for your business, with likeminded, wonderful people. I’ve been taking my first steps converting my group trainings to an online course, but I started out a step too far, leaving out some of the essentials. Gemma has a way of being critical and to-the-point in a loving and supportive way, and after each call, I cannot wait to take inspired action on what we talked about. I needed a smaller course to start with and with Gemma’s guidance created it in 5 days from ideas- on-paper to ready-to-launch! Business, social, strategy but from the heart (no sales funnels or number counting here, we’re looking at nurture paths and client perception). Get in while you can, because everyone wants to work with her or hire her. She’s brilliant, real and authentic.” Own Your Stage

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