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It’s fair to say I’ve been about a bit. I’ve worked with brands, corporates, agencies, SME’s and entrepreneurs in all manner of ways. And YOU can dip into this deep pool of knowledge. You lucky thing. As well as yours truly, I can scale up easily with an amazing team that help me to deliver stunning results.

My services span all manner of specialisms, including:

Online Business Strategy
Digital and Social Media Strategy
Online Business Coaching
Nurture Paths and Sales Funnels Strategy
Content Planning and Production
Website Development
Search Engine Optimisation
Social Media Management
Digital & Social Media Audits
Social Media & Digital Training
Social Advertising Strategy and Management
Blogger & Influencer Outreach

I’ve created specific pages that show how I work with my clients. More on those below. 

Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

You get to choose from a plethora of consultancy, coaching and training packages as well as bespoke options to fit your needs. For the ‘tiny budgets’, I have some rather lovely DIY options. For the ‘no budgets’ there are freebies. There really is something for everyone. Go here for more.

Brands & Corporates

I regularly provide consultancy services to a range of brands and corporates across an even bigger range of industries, head over here to see what I can do for youGo here to see who I’ve worked with.


If you’re in need of a social media or digital consultant, I can be brought in to enhance your existing team. For more about that, go here.


Need more convincing? Pop over here to read my testimonials. If you’re after my FREE resources, go here. Please note that I’m UK based, but my prices are in dollars as I work with clients all over the world (and it appears the dollar is more universally understood and accepted than the good old British pound).

Think I can help you? Good. I’d love to. Hit the big red button below, fill in a few details and I’ll get back to you asap.