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Hello, welcome to my world. This slightly geeky world is where I get results for people like YOU. There could be a number of reasons you’re here:

 You already have an online business, or a business with an online presence, but you’re struggling to get the results you need and you might just need a business mentor to push you in the right direction.

 You’re overwhelmed by all the digital marketing options and have no idea which activities are right for you and your stage of business.

 You’re launching a new business and you need help to build your strategy and launch it online, to the right people, in all the right places.

 You’ve been using social media and digital for some time and you still aren’t getting any damn results.

 You have a website, you have social media, you have email marketing but nothing’s tied together and results are sporadic.

 You know you need a funnel but they scare the bejesus out of you and you need someone to show you how to create those sales online in a much more human, non-salesy way.

 You just KNOW things could be better but you don’ t know how.

Whatever your problem, I can solve it. Well not everything, anything medical and you need a doctor my friend.

Who am I? I’m Gemma and I’m called many things: Business Strategist, Social Media Consultant, Digital Marketing Consultant, Online Business Consultant, Mindset Mentor and probably a few more (but let’s not go there).

But I’m not a ‘Jack of all Trades’, master of none. I’m a master of this online world and a true, award winning, testimonial fuelled expert in each of those areas up there. My unique mix of business-smarts, psychological-insight, marketing-mastery and tech-geekery means I have all the important stuff covered.

To be honest, I do wear a lot of hats and that’s what makes me unique. I bring to you an impressive integrated knowledge built up over 16 years, ten of those focussed online. You see I love this online world. Right from the Dot Com days, while Facebook was merely a glint in Zuckerberg’s eye, I was mesmerised by the Internet, so making a career out of it was a natural step.

These days I’m a consultant for brands and corporates, a partner for agencies and a mentor for small business owners. I’m also a BA Hons Psychology graduate, which means my theories are grounded in psychological principles. I have a unique understanding of you and the people you want to connect with. I get inside your people’s heads and hearts, I uncover what they need and help you to deliver just that. And I do it in the most simple, smart way I can, with no fluff, no jargon, just results. Check some of them out below:

 Kerri doubled her income in 2 months and was on page 1 of Google.

 Rachel sold out a brand new program and added an extra £5k to her income after working with me for a month.

 Anna launched her course (which she’d been trying to do for a decade!) within 3 months.

 Jen brought her fledgling new product idea to life within 4 months, was inundated with sales and had to recruit a new team member. Now she’s on coarse to triple her financial target.

 Karen launched a new income stream in under a month, after hiding this talent for years.

 Emma uncovered that she was out of alignment with her true calling, and completely pivoted her business.

 Sam hit over £1.2 million in sales within 4 months of launch.

 I created the first social media strategy for the BFI London Film festival, extending the reach and opening the festival up to a new audience online.

 I was the first to put fashion bloggers on the red carpet at the WGSN Global Fashion awards, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the press.

 I doubled the recruitment rates for a University with a social led Clearing Campaign.

 Over 60% of my clients return, with many relationships lasting well over 6 years.

 2 clients have offered me a permanent role as Director of Social Media. Both made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.

 I’ve run two successful businesses and received an Entrepreneur of the Year Award for my first business over 10 years ago. This was an agency that specialised in digital and social media (I knew it was going to be huge, even back then).

 I’ve built my second multi-six figure business from nothing, using all of the methods I use for my clients. I don’t teach anything I haven’t tried myself. More that story here.

 I’m an accredited expert with the Design Business Association. To qualify for this, experts need 4 testimonials from clients and assurance they get results.

 I’ve worked on 15 crowdfunding campaigns. All of them have been funded.


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