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Hello, I’m Gemma, a digital marketing consultant with a focus on social media. But don't be fooled by the geek facade, I'm not all about the tech. In some ways I'm positively analogue. You see I'm all about making real connections and building relationships that last. This is when social and digital really fly.

When it comes to marketing, I’ve been around the block a few times. I’ve led the marketing at a range of businesses, been the social media director at a couple of agencies and worked as a consultant across loads of industries. I’ve achieved great things. I’ve tried new ideas. I’ve failed and learnt from it. All of this I've done with a smile on my face. Well, most of the time.

My experience spans entertainment, events, fmcg, alcohol, beauty, fashion, design and everything in between. I've worked with global brands to one man bands, corporates, entertainment and events companies, agencies and design companies. So whether you're a corporate or a brand or a one woman band, I can help.

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